It’s our anniversary!

This month we are celebrating twenty years in business. It almost seems surreal to think that so much time has passed since we opened our doors. So many things have changed, SO MANY! Not only has retail changed and shifted but personally,  my sister and I  have each had the honor or becoming mothers and raise our children at our business. What a blessing!

We are constantly looking for new products, ideas and ways to grow our business and in the process always remember who we are serving….our customers. Without our customers we would have never gotten this far or had the opportunity to serve our community for so long. So we need to say thank you for that! Our anniversary sale is just a small way to thank you for your continued support and encouragement over the years. If you’re in the neighborhood this weekend, please stop in to sample some chocolates and join in the festivities. We will be happy to see you!

The most AMAZING chocolates!

With Father’s Day quickly approaching some of us are shaking our heads wondering what to get our fathers. Well, we have a gift suggestion that’s not only unique but delicious….. Neuhaus imported Belgian chocolates. These chocolates not only look amazing but they taste amazing too. We can honestly say that they are the best chocolates that we have ever tasted.

The Pagode is a great example

of the craftsmanship that goes into each piece. This particular piece is a dark chocolate cup, filled with coffee ganache and topped with a smooth milk chocolate and hazelnut paste. Yes, I know. And it’s just as amazing as you’re imagining!

The Cornet Dore is another favorite

This piece is a smooth milk chocolate and hazelnut paste that will literally just melt in your mouth. This is our #1 selling piece and for good reason.


The dark truffle is an intense chocolate experience ……..chocolatey butter cream coated with dark chocolate and sprinkled with chocolate flakes.


Stop in and see our whole selection of Neuhaus Chocolates and pick up something wonderful for Father’s Day. And don’t forget to pick one out for yourself too!



Our new spotted goat!

We have a lot of fun with the mascot of our business…..the goat. Goats are curious, intelligent and like to have fun. They like to stick together even while finding new areas to explore. We think these traits are inspiring and are grateful to have such a wonderful symbol for our business.

Now meet the newest goat to reach our shelves….the spotted goat. We think he’s adorable! Designed to make you smile and make your mouth water, this creamy milk chocolate goat will rouse a happy belly and a happy day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a special time in our business. Customers come in, in search of a gift for the most important person in their world…their mother. While love cannot be expressed through material goods, a gift chosen with time and thought really does make a person feel appreciated. It’s that feeling during the time surrounding Mother’s Day that I enjoy witnessing. From the man grown with his own children to the little child, it’s nice to witness the love, gratitude and connection we have when it comes to our mothers.

This year’s favorite gifts for Mom? Chocolate and jewelry. Chocolates like Neuhaus Imported Belgian chocolates…the really, really special chocolates. Chocolate covered pretzels, oreos and salted caramels are some mom favorites. And don’t forget the chocolate goat to give her a smile 🙂

In the jewelry department their is Change Jewelry, which is new for us. It’s made from a US quarter and has an inspirational word on it. They are a great price and are super cute! A bunch of us have already picked our out (hint, hint…). If sparkly things are more your mom then check out our Luca and Danni selection with beads, crystals and tokens with words and symbols, all made in the USA.

No matter what you choose remember the most precious gift that you can give your mom is your time. Sending lots of love to all you mothers out there!