Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a special time in our business. Customers come in, in search of a gift for the most important person in their world…their mother. While love cannot be expressed through material goods, a gift chosen with time and thought really does make a person feel appreciated. It’s that feeling during the time surrounding Mother’s Day that I enjoy witnessing. From the man grown with his own children to the little child, it’s nice to witness the love, gratitude and connection we have when it comes to our mothers.

This year’s favorite gifts for Mom? Chocolate and jewelry. Chocolates like Neuhaus Imported Belgian chocolates…the really, really special chocolates. Chocolate covered pretzels, oreos and salted caramels are some mom favorites. And don’t forget the chocolate goat to give her a smile 🙂

In the jewelry department their is Change Jewelry, which is new for us. It’s made from a US quarter and has an inspirational word on it. They are a great price and are super cute! A bunch of us have already picked our out (hint, hint…). If sparkly things are more your mom then check out our Luca and Danni selection with beads, crystals and tokens with words and symbols, all made in the USA.

No matter what you choose remember the most precious gift that you can give your mom is your time. Sending lots of love to all you mothers out there!